Tattoo & Permanent Make-Up Removal

REVIVINK is a product that has a list of advantages compared with other permanent makeup removal methods and products.




Eyeliner Top Or Bottom

Eyeliner Top & Bottom

Product name “revivink” is a play on words «revive» and «ink». 

It was originally created to refresh old tattoos, making them softer, removing unwanted shades and pigment changes.


What colors does it remove?

It gently removes pigments and smoothes out skin lesions from a poorly performed procedure, especially after traumatic and deep microblading. 
Revivink is also effective in removing difficult colors: green, mint, beige, yellow, orange and all other remaining shades. It is suitable for removing bad permanent lip makeup without painful crusts and burns. Revivink is used to lighten the planted areas, “pulling” the color.

How is removal with Revivink different from other removal methods?

Revivink is a safe method of removal, without the risk of getting a hypertrophic scar.
With proper aftercare, healing goes smoothly, without noticeable crusts, so the client continues to lead a normal everyday life. There may be slight redness and flaking during the first days.
Revivink is suitable for eyelid tattoo removal.
The powers of Revivink are not limited to removing bad permanent makeup. It can also perform the function of an «eraser», for example, it can be used to make the tip of the eyebrow softer, which is especially important for beginners.
Revivink affects the pigment locally and removes planting. Unlike laser and other removers, Revivink works gently and delicately, it makes it easier to even out the color and make the shade more natural.
After the procedure, the partial disappearance of color does not occur immediately and takes from a month to one year. The brightness of the tattoo decreases, and the color gradually fades away.
Ingredients: deionized water, zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, calcium hydroxide, amino alcohol, ethyl alcohol, aromatic alcohol, stabilized propanetriol-1,2,3.
  • Wash the area with soap and water after one hour of the procedure.
  • Apply Vaseline or Vaseline based aftercare products for 5 days, from 3 to 5 times a day in a thin layer as it dries.
  • Avoid sauna, contact with direct sunlight, makeup, or skincare product on or around removal areas.
  • There may be slight skin flaking after 3-6 days.
  • Sometimes the color may appear brighter for 2-3 days, but after the first week it will begin to fade.
  • Follow up or new makeup procedure are possible at least within a month and a half or two months!

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