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Easy Fanning Camellia Volume Lashes


16 rows  tray, 2 lengths on the line
CC curl
Thickness 0,05 mm
Mixed length 7-15 mm

189 in stock (can be backordered)

Our Easy fanning Camellia Volume Lashes are made from the Premium Korean Fibre.
They are 100% handmade.
Soft, lightweight, and comfortable curl lasting.
The curl keeps stable for more than 1 year.
They are specially designed for lash technicians that are new to the Russian Volume technique.
The unique sticky lash strip will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base.
It can work efficiently, and more quickly.
Multi-level length range makes the grafting more natural, mimicking the natural growth cycle of the lashes
1 x 7 mm
1 x 8 mm
2 x 9 mm
2 x 10 mm
3 x 11mm
3 x 12mm
2 x 13mm
1 x 14mm
1 x 15mm