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One of the things you’ll be given at the salon is a tool called a spoolie. The spoolie is essentially a comb for your lashes. If you wake up in the morning with tangled lashes or you get a piece of lint in them, use the spoolie. It can get between your lashes more easily than your fingers can! It’s a very useful little item to help you maintain your extensions.

Wearing Makeup with False Lashes

The good news is you can absolutely wear eye makeup, including mascara, with eyelash extensions. Check out the tips below.

Makeup Tips for Lash Extensions:

  • Use only oil-free cosmetics: Makeup containing oil will weaken the adhesive bond holding your extensions in place.
  • Avoid waterproof mascara: This kind of mascara is too difficult to remove from false lashes and can damage your extensions when you try to remove it.
  • Avoid eyeliner pencils: Some eye pencils contain oil. Drawing an eyeliner pencil along your lash line creates tension that can potentially weaken the glue on your extensions. Liquid liner is a better choice.
  • Oil-free priming sealant: Priming sealant is like the base coat for your lashes. It goes on clear and adds “grip” to your lashes so that they can hold more mascara.
  • Oil-free mascara: The perfect smudge-proof, volumizing formula to give your look that little bit extra.
  • Oil-free liquid liner: You can still get that cat-eye look you love, as long as you’re using our water-based liner!

The Best Cleansing Routine

When you first get eyelash extensions, you may think the way to protect them is to avoid touching them or washing them around your eyes. But that would be wrong. The proper cleansing routine will not only extend the life of your falsies, but it’s absolutely necessary for your overall eye health.

Whatever you do, never go to bed with your eye makeup on – no matter how tired you are. Whether you’re wearing extensions or not, going to bed wearing makeup creates the perfect condition for blepharitis.

What is blepharitis?

It’s an unsightly inflammation of your eyelids that can be caused by bacteria that have built up on your skin. This can occur when you don’t properly remove your makeup at night.

Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover

Not only will you need to use oil-free cosmetics with faux lashes, but you’ll need oil-free eye makeup remover, too. Rubbing cotton pads, cotton balls, or makeup wipes into your eye area can damage extensions. We have the solution.

A totally innovative locking brush head contains charcoal, which has anti-microbial properties to draw bacteria away from your eyes. It delivers gel-based shampoo between your lashes without tugging, rubbing, or pulling on your extensions. The water-based formula is completely safe for use with false lashes. It will remove your eyebrow makeup as well.

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